Wednesday, April 18, 2012

some updates--progress being made, albeit slowly

Easter/Passover/Greek Easter all have come and gone.  Last Sunday was our celebration of Greek Easter (we did not make the midnight candle lighting the night before), and as Polly put it, it was "a day of forced relaxation."

So, with just having the weekends to work with, and part of those two days each week filled with chores and child obligations, we are making slow progress.

Below are some of the images from the last two weeks:

Schluter Systems (the makers of the Ditra and Kerdi underlayment/waterproofing products) "Reno-T" stainless steel transition.

Held in place with clear silicon.  A little white latex caulk will be used fill the gap.

Cross-section view of the product.  We looked around a bit for the transitions, and this wound up being the cleanest looking solution.

The dishwasher gap between the cabinets was 24 1/2" a half inch too big.  Fortunately, we had ordered finished "filler" wood.  Ripped this down, and glued it in place with Loctite PL construction adhesive for wood.

Kitchen transition.  Not 100% perfect--the bathroom was better.  The wood and tile floors did not "marry-up" level (my bad, not enough shimming under one end of the last board), so the strip angles slightly.  The paint can is holding it in place as the silicon cures.

The microwave opening under the peninsula was fabricated for a over-the-range microwave...and fabricated wrong.  So...we wound up getting a 2.0cu. ft. Frigidaire Gallery series counter/built-in model, and added the extra wood.

I should have trimmed off about 1/8th inch off each piece, as the microwave just barely fit--after removing the four small cover screws on the sides.  Note to self: don't trust the manufacture's specs; measure it yourself!

Tulips!  The flowers in the back yard have bloomed over the past weeks. 
More of the flowers.  We added a fire-pit (Home Depot) to the mix--Anastasia's inspiration.  It is entertaining, and we have a bunch of wood scraps to burn.

West Elm Stools.  On sale.  And now that I look on the website, no longer available?!?!?

Finished stool.  Minimal assembly required.  Nice and heavy, with little rubber pads on the bottom of each "leg."

Two pieces.

Well packed.  Pity they don't seem to be available anymore...

A really nice set.  Many thanks to Polly for hunting them down!

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