Monday, April 2, 2012

baseboard, door trim, and finishing--almost

This weekend we managed to get started--and nearly through--the door frames, baseboard, and shoe molding trim-out.  Polly worked up the courage to use the pneumatic nail guns, and tooled around with drilling out the holes for the radiator pipes. 

The baseboard covered a multitude of sins, including drywall, edging of the floorboards, and the uneven floor.    We kept the baseboard as level as possible, and the shoe molding made up for any "waves" in the flooring. 

Since we have been using Glendale Lumber, our very local lumber yard, our moldings come from their supplier, Garden State Lumber Products Corp. the full on-line catalog is a great resource--including this handy diagram of all the names for "mouldings," or commonly spelled "moldings" here in the USA.

We chose the BB514, as Polly wanted a slightly taller baseboard.  It looks nice and clean when pared with its shoe, pictured below.

We chose the middle one, at 3/4" primed.  We recommend staying away from MDF.  If it gets wet, all bets are off--it will swell, puff,  and otherwise distort. 

Some adjustments were needed to finish this side of the door frame.  The stud is a standard 3-1/2" 2X4.  The other side of the door jam was framed with one of the reclaimed studs, which is a true 4" wide.  Remove drywall and shim; reattach drywall.  Continue with 1"X6" finish framing. This should have been caught by the drywall guys, me thinks. 

18 gauge finish nailer by Porter-Cable

I need a better image here--but you can see the baseboard was drilled, then sliced, and then re-assembled.  The shoe molding covers the gap nicely.

Looking toward the back of the house.  The wiring sticking out of the wall is the Ethernet and cable outlets, which I still need to finish the trim-out and connect.

Front bedroom.  Again, I need a better image (it was 6:30am when I took these before leaving for work today...)  But you can clearly see the shoe molding finishes the job nicely.

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