Saturday, April 6, 2013


....Finally we are ready to rent,
front door

lots of light

just fit

window in bathroom
all new

living room

view into the kitchen

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Parquetry Floors

Polly goes to work on the parquetry floors.  We wanted to cut the old finish, but not really sand the floor.  She sanded and I finished.

The Bosch ROS65VC-6 6-Inch Pad Rear-Handle Random Orbit Sander with Vibration Control is awesome.  Really.  The variable speed makes a difference, and the tool is really easy to handle. The grey hose seen in the image can be directly connected to the sander, thus nearly eliminating the dust when used with the "holed" sanding discs.

Small trim piece (pine) used to transition the two floors.

Floor with a poly coat.  The wrong type of poly, however.  More on that next...

Still catching up

We (meaning me, Christopher) have not done the due diligence to keep up with posting--as we have been still continually at work on the house...The work depicted here is several weeks old...

The plumbers were in to finish the fit-out. 

The sink drain tail-piece we purchased (came with) our Delta faucet is PVC...Error on our part--but at the time when we bought the faucet, there was a change-over in Home Depot--to a low-flow faucet mix.  This meant that we had little choice of the faucets...

In the workshop--now moved to the basement.  You are looking at a transition (saddle) being fabricated to transition from the bathroom floor to the hallway.  I used a stock HD oak saddle and ripped it in half--slightly off-set.  Then stacked the pieces, glued, and tack-nailed the pieces together.

Here is the clean-up of the floor.  Note the pieces of Ditra and the stainless "T" Schluter Reno-T transition ready to go in.

Poof!  the finished product.  I used two pieces of Ditra, layered under the transition, secured with Liquid Nails, to fill in the gap.  A clear silicon was used to fill the gap between the wood and tile, then the Schluter Reno-T was fitted in. 

I left the plastic protective coating on the Schluter Reno-T as we needed to stain and finish the threshold.

We are happy with how it turned out.

Floors,stain, and finish

We are moving closer to completion, finally.  We did make a couple of mistakes which we are correcting, albeit painfully.  

We decided not to put vinyl tile down on the floor--over several layers of mixed-medium floor, here we are with a cut floor and with a dark walnut-esque Minwax® Wood Finish™ Jacobean 2750 stain. 

After staining and finishing with poly, I cut the floor with 220 grit.  Not a great choice.  The unevenness of the floor created unevenness in the finish.  I had to re-stain....

After re-staining

Close-up of the original floor.  The wood is extremely hard.  Think about it, It was placed down in 1910.  It was harvested from 30, 40, 50 year old trees.  So the wood is really old...  Yes, we did not do a great job of cutting the floor--note the scrape lines in the wood at the top of the image--really hard wood, so the additional sanding(s) (using hand sanders) did not smooth out the rough cut by the floor edger sander...

Nice look we think.

With the full sunlight coming in from the skylight.


Rustic...a euphemism for not perfectly finished...


Christmas was good to the house

The house is festive! Look for next year to have additional decorations, lights, and maybe a blow-up Snoopy!

First floor nearly complete

Polly painting the first floor bathroom.  She was the main force behind getting the space finished.

Nice clean lines.  Well done, Polly.