Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little more trim molding each day

Polly has really taken the ball and run with the trim-out!    Once again, I am really proud of her sticking with the project and getting into the work.  I know she now has a first-hand understanding and appreciation of the process.  Some of her handiwork is below.

Cut-outs for the radiator in the front little room, AKA Polly's closet.  The copper pipes are 3/4" threaded couplings coming from the old 1-1/4"risers, and then reduced to 1/2" to mate with the fittings on the Pensotti radiators from HiTech Heat

To finish the door frame of Polly's closet, we decided to just place a 1/4" piece of pine lattice over the 2X4 which was flush with the drywall. 

Front room radiator.  Note the finished wall color behind the radiator.

A better shot of one of the two main room radiators.

The back radiator and trim.  Almost time to paint!

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