Tuesday, April 24, 2012

front door installed--more progress over the weekend

We were able to finally get the front door hung, thanks kindly to our friend Nelson, who has already donated more than several weekend days to the project.  Thanks Nelson!

The great news is that the door is plumb, level, and square.  The "If I could have done it over" news is that there is a threshold step-up of nearly an inch on the hallway side, and a 3/4" lip on the interior side.

The decision in my mind was to install the new flooring under the door, thus alleviating any issues with the flooring joining the pre-hung steel, 90-minute fire-rated Jeld-Wen six-panel door.  I also did not know exactly what we were going to do with the floor in the hallway, now or in the future renovation of the first floor down the road.

So, here are the images and the results.

Removing the packing blocks

Nelson checking for level.

Conference time--shimming procedure.

Hinge side needs the jack-stud installed.

Jack-stud added.

With the jack-stud installed with some additional strip shims.

Shimmed latch side on the king-stud edge to bring it flush with the door's casement.

Door ready for slip in brackets to hold it to the framing.

Fire-rating on door.

Also rating the door-jam.

Threshold doesn't meet the floor.  Some of the gap was by design, as we do not know ultimately what we are doing for the floor in the hall.  Right now, the plan is to sand off the old paint and just urethane the floorboards.  We'll need to install a transition to close the 1" gap between the aluminum threshold and the floor.

Door mat--placed down to help mask the interior threshold "lip so people will not trip..."

Door swings easily and not on its own.  It also closes completely.  Seems to be installed within rated tolerances.  Now to choose a lock-set.

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