Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work completed thus far--PICS!

Polly picked out the loo...a KOHLER Persuade 2-Piece High Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Paint color part of THIS process was easy...

Shower faucet was a basic Moen "Branbury" and the sink faucet was from Ikea--"Grundtal"

This is paint color we chose; behind the radiator we painted first, as the radiator sits nearly flush with the wall.      Tiling the bathtub around the niche proved challenging; it's a little wavy here...
Looking into the "living room."

Bathroom with the "heat lamps" on.  The unit is an Aero Pure 80 CFM Quiet Heater with Fan and Light

I ordered a couple of LED closet lights on eBay (at a substantial savings)--the color temps are off a bit.  One is cooler than the other--meaning less white.  As Polly's face says it, "What are you going to do?"
Bedroom radiator.  Need to get to repairing this floor next...

Polly's walk-in closet radiator.  Cute, compact, and it heats well. Again, the floor was cut to move the old radiator's risers behind the wall.  The hole damage--in the living area it is most evident--is a contributing factor in our decision to replace the old parquetry floor.

The under-base-cabinet "toe-kick" heater.  I cut a trap-door for the unit.  It was really a "lucky" fit.

 Myson | Whispa III 5000 EZ Hot Water Kickspace Heater With 3 Ft. Long Plug-In Cord And EZ-Hose Kit | Delivers 3,589 To 5,443 BTU/HR bought from H-MAC Systems
Still peeling off the wrapping...

The faucet is a Kraus product; the water filter faucet was an find.  Pretty good quality to boot.

The peninsula--covered with an old duvet and 3/4" plywood;  makes for a great workbench!

Remote temperature and humidity sensor.  The unit relays information to a base-station which monitors up to three remotes and its current location simultaneously.  68.8 degrees and 46% relative humidity

Water filter (Culligan) and sink plumbing.  Note the dishwasher drain inlet.  Nicely done by the plumbers.

The under-the-cabinet direct-wire connectable LED lighting by ET2 CounterMax MX-L (two each--E57902-SA 10" and two each--E57904-SA 20")

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  1. Hi, can you tell me what kind of radiators you installed and whether you like them? I am looking for something similar and came across yours. Thanks!