Wednesday, February 29, 2012

flooring chosen--expect delivery this Friday, March 2, 2012

In the previous post, I alluded to the flooring choice, a CarpetOne store "brand," Rustic River.  We ordered a box of the style to see the actual product on our floor, in a larger and more movable size.

According to my research, this is a Columbia Flooring product, probably from their Amelia Hardwood Floor line, the Ivory Ash color. 

I will say it was hard to get a straight answer as to who was responsible for manufacturing the Rustic River line.  The box came labeled from Mohawk.  Mohawk does not carry the ash species in the color we liked, but Columbia Flooring did...I dug around a bit more, and discovered Columbia Flooring, formally of Columbia Forest Products (plywood manufacturers) sold its flooring manufacturing plants and name to Mokawk in 2007.  Interesting, huh?

We ordered 35 boxes of the flooring for 520sq feet.  This would give us about 25% above what we need, compensating for damage and for smaller pieces.

We plan to go right over the parquetry, with a sound-damping material aptly named, FloorMuffler.

The sample box contained about 20% of "small" pieces, 24" or less.  In speaking with several flooring retail folks, this appears to be the normal for the product.

We'd like to use longer boards in the main rooms, and certainly to run the length of the floor from front to back of the house.  We'll use the smaller pieces in the closets, and to construct the sliding "barn-style" wood doors.

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