Thursday, February 23, 2012

finishing up with contractor and subs

Jason pointed out to us this past Friday that he had not seen a blog post in a while from us.  Agreed.  SO this post is for Jason--our friend and realtor--who, by the way, won Prudential Douglas Elliman's "rookie of the year" for LI and Queens.  Congrats Jason!

Looking back over the last two weeks,we have accomplished quite a bit--although it does not seem so sitting back now and reflecting upon it.

Anastasia and Mom help out taking up the masonite.  Thanks Mom!

The sink and base (open console) came from Empire Industries via

Test sands of the old floor.  We were going to refinish with Rubio Monocoat but all things considered, the floors were not worth re-finishing.

Possible stains and wood treatments.  The right most color, sapphire, was just for amusement.  ;]

The flooring we *think* we have settled on is a ash wood, 5" wide plank floor from a local Maspeth, NY CarpetOne dealer.

Searching for the actual manufacturer of the wood floor was a challenge.  Rustic River is a CarpetOne "house brand."  We think it is made by Columbia Flooring a part of their Amelia or Silverton lines.  More on the flooring in a subsequent post.

LED undercounter lights. 


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