Monday, December 19, 2011

Tile on bathroom floor

We managed to get the tile sized up and laid down on the bathroom floor on Sunday am.  Polly, again, doing the dry-fit and template measuring of the window, niche and floor tile.  I received nicely marked pieces of tile to cut.  Teamwork.  ;]

Cutting out the hole for the toilet flange

Marked and cut with a grinder fitted with a diamond tile blade on both sides--the first tile I tried snapped in half along the center line, side to side.  The second tile was the charm.

The same teamwork came in handy as we actually laid the tile--I was in charge of the thin-set, getting it mixed and applied to the Ditra and buttering the backs of the 12"X24" porcelain tiles. 

"Buttering" the backs of the tile.

Here is the finished product.

We'll remove the clips this evening and clean the tile--then grout.  No sealant this time on the tiles; just on the grout only.

Cutout for toilet flange

Kitchen tile used as the ledge for niche and window

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