Monday, December 5, 2011

kitchen cabinets going in; need to re-order two...

We managed to unpack all the cabinets this past Sunday.  We dry-fit the lowers, and decided that we were definitely an inch plus too long for the space.  The cabinet on the end by the window is a 15" we swapped in for the 18" we originally ordered.  Sigh--back to Lowes we go...and we will wait another 3-4 weeks before the replacements (upper and lower) can be made.  This will delay the counter-top, but hopefully not the electrician and plumbers.

Polly looking over the situation

Nelson looking at the peninsula

Ledger board in place

All lower cabs wrapped up and out of Robert's (the drywall guy) way so he can finish the taping

Polly measuring for fridge fit.  Fortunately, the width of the kitchen is fine for the cabs we ordered.

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