Friday, December 30, 2011

End of Year and the Projects are Moving Along

Someone asked me what I was doing for New Year's Eve.  I answered, "I am working on my kitchen and bathroom."  Oh, that's nice, was the reply.  Then they asked, "What is the most difficult thing you are doing?"  After a bit of thought, I answered, "The planning process...and working with Polly on the planning process."  ;]

Ok, all kidding aside, we really do anguish over the details a bit too much.  Fortunately, when one of us is on the ledge (Polly mostly) the other can talk them down safely.  The bathroom tile is one of those times for Polly.  More on that later. 

Below are images of moving the kitchen fan exhaust duct. 

Not the prettiest cut, but screwed and taped successfully.

Vent pipe moved 4" closer to the wall.

Finished waiting for the hood.  Note the clamps on the cabinet--The side was finished with a thin plywood skin to bring the side flush. 

Also today we had help!  Butch, Nelson, and Robert (painter/plaster guy) were in to assist.  The tiling job in the bathroom is giving Polly nightmares  I am sure it will turn out well, but she keeps over-thinking it...We'll make it work one way or the other, and it will look as if it intended to be that way.  ;]

Robert working on the crown molding and wall.

Nelson on the cabinets...Shims are your friend...

Butch and Polly called ahead to decide on matching work outfits

Polly and her tileHowever, not one wall was square to another.  They are mostly plumb, fortunately. 

Installing the top sill for the window

Close-up of marble running accent tile

Crown molding finished off at the kitchen.  Came out nice, huh?

Close-up of the crown--wood-filler to close the joins.

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