Saturday, November 26, 2011

Late night tiling

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We started about 3pm in the afternoon, and finished what you see just after midnight...
Last night we finished about 85% of the tile work.

Bob, a professional tiler on the forum suggested the Lacticrete 220 medium "thinset." It was was fantastic. mixed up like a dream--good pot life, and spread just like the 317 did. Kudos to you for the tip!

So, today, we took on the rest. This is how it turned out--

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We used the clips and plastic "ramps" to keep the tiles in place--the floor was not a flat as I originally thought...

We'll seal and grout tomorrow. We went with the 511 Impregnator, and tested it on a half-cut piece of the Provenza Q-Stone, and it proved to be an improvement on the water beading and added a bit of color "depth" to the porcelain that we liked.

The boss has gotten into this project--and I for one, am glad for the assistance!

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