Monday, November 14, 2011

floors, drywall, and washer/dryer

The weekend proved to be a very productive one.  We hooked up the washer and dryer with Kenny, the plumber's help, on Saturday--he needed to connect a valve on the gas line.   

First load of laundry...

Floor repair with 3/4" plywood waiting for deck (coated) screws

Leveling out the tub

Finished floor with cement curing at 9:30pm Sunday night...

 We used a self-leveling cement, LevelQuick RS by Custom Building Products.  There is a latex primer to apply, and we also used a thin-gauge diamond metal lath stapled down to the sub-floor before we poured the cement.  We discovered two small holes we missed--rather the cement discovered them--fortunately, they were small, and the cement sets in about 30 minutes, so not a major leak-through.

The floor was cured by 7am this am, and was walkable.  Next steps are to put a de-coupling membrane down and then the tile.  More on that later.

We do have walls!  Well, one room from Friday...

Anastasia's room

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