Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bathroom and kitchen floors

This past weekend we finished the self-leveling cement for the kitchen--with the help of friends, Butch and Jason. 

Jason on the left assists Butch in the mixing

The end result was to have Ditra uncoupling membrane down on the floors and Kerdi waterproofing membrane on the walls in the bathroom around the tub.

Both are a Schluter product, made in Canada.  It is a bit more costly than just cement board or plain old thin set over plywood, however, it will add years to the life of the tiles on both the floor and the walls of the kitchen and bath.

Installing the metal lath for the self-leveling cement

Self-leveling cement after a spritz of water during curing.  It is mostly level...

Bathroom floor with Ditra

Kitchen floor with Ditra

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