Friday, July 27, 2012

First Floor Bathroom Interior Brick--Evaluation

DiMola and crew demoed the bathroom this week.  I had a good look at it last night.  Like all the other interior walls in the house, this one will require repair as well.  There was some sort of settling happening on this side of the house, in the bathroom area, which is basically the back-center of the structure.  There was a very similar shift-crack in the wall to the right of the window as was seen on the second floor.  But curiously, you do not see the same pattern of stress cracking in the basement in this area.

Second floor stress cracking.

First floor stress cracking

Close-up first floor.
You can see evidence of some mortar patch repair done at some point in the bathroom's history.  What I am hoping we can do is tuck-point and replace the bad bricks w/o having to have a lintel placed in to secure the brick arch.

Note the attempt to shim the floor joist also at some point in the bathroom's history.  In the next post, I speculate on the date of the renovations. 
Before demo image:  I don't believe we want to replace the window at this point--it functions well.  It is the oldest window in the house, a single pane, double-hung wood window with the sash weights.  Maybe it is a remove, re-glue the joints, and reinstall job.  Not particularly difficult, but a little time consuming.

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