Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Demolition on first floor bathroom to take place today

We've been concentrating on moving all upstairs over the past several weeks.   We still have several minor touch-ups with the painting, including finishing the front of the peninsula. However, we must now focus on the first floor, as we want to rent it asap!

We are bringing back Nick DiMola for the demolition.  As we have mentioned before, his company DiMola Bros.did the initial demo of the second floor.  Below are the before pictures.  We'll post the after pictures tonight.

The toilet was not bolted down, instead, what appears to be drywall compound was pressed into the cam, and then the cap was inserted over the bolt...

Some sort of wallboard was glued to the aging plaster...

The toilet was set upon drywall compound, and as you can see, the wax gasket is completely worn away.  And why someone put in a rubber gasket is unknown--busted flange maybe?  We did not investigate further.

Sink removed.

Bad ceiling tile.

As we started to pull the ceiling and wall-board, we realized there was more demo than we wanted to handle.

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