Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still catching up

We (meaning me, Christopher) have not done the due diligence to keep up with posting--as we have been still continually at work on the house...The work depicted here is several weeks old...

The plumbers were in to finish the fit-out. 

The sink drain tail-piece we purchased (came with) our Delta faucet is PVC...Error on our part--but at the time when we bought the faucet, there was a change-over in Home Depot--to a low-flow faucet mix.  This meant that we had little choice of the faucets...

In the workshop--now moved to the basement.  You are looking at a transition (saddle) being fabricated to transition from the bathroom floor to the hallway.  I used a stock HD oak saddle and ripped it in half--slightly off-set.  Then stacked the pieces, glued, and tack-nailed the pieces together.

Here is the clean-up of the floor.  Note the pieces of Ditra and the stainless "T" Schluter Reno-T transition ready to go in.

Poof!  the finished product.  I used two pieces of Ditra, layered under the transition, secured with Liquid Nails, to fill in the gap.  A clear silicon was used to fill the gap between the wood and tile, then the Schluter Reno-T was fitted in. 

I left the plastic protective coating on the Schluter Reno-T as we needed to stain and finish the threshold.

We are happy with how it turned out.

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