Tuesday, October 16, 2012

small update on first floor progress

The first floor apartment is coming along, albeit slowly, as we are really only working on the weekends.  Too much life is getting in the way of getting to the finish line quickly.

Polly has been the master on the tile in the bathroom!  I mix the thin-set, and she goes to town!  More images and postings after this weekend's final (hopefully) tiling push.

This is the sink wall--note the heat riser pipes going to the second floor.  No way to enclose them without a major re-rout of the risers or a major loss of space...The two pipes to the right of the risers will be the wall-mount panel radiator supply and return.  The other pipes are for the sink.

Note the accent tile, which flows around the room.  Nice choice by Polly, as it will pick-up the floor's black-n-white pattern.  Again, we waterproofed with Schluter's Kerdi and Ditra products on the walls and floor respectively.

Kitchen cabinets are getting a freshening up with white paint, new silver hardware, and shelf-paper.  The back-splash tries to tie in the soon to be slate/concrete grey colored flooring tiles and the base cabinets with the existing cream counter top and wall board above the cabinets.

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