Friday, August 3, 2012

Bathroom Window Demo

On Wednesday evening, we started to stage for the re-build.  I installed some temporary lighting and a the bakers scaffold.  The bathroom, with the radiator plumbing, turned out to be too small to accommodate both sides of the scaffold, so a heavy-duty metal sawhorse was employed to secure the left side of the deck.

Lighting we had used upstairs as well.

After we pulled out the old single-pane double-hung wood window--it HAD to go, no repairing it, I spent several hours yesterday looking for its replacement.  Seemed easy enough--the window rough opening is just larger than 24" wide by 48" high.  Placing a window in that space would be dearly double the old window's area, letting in a good bit more light.

I am not sure why someone filled in the space with mortar and scrap brick.  The original brick arch is still pretty sound.  the weight of the material just caused the top of the window frame to bow.

After removing the debris reviles the arch.  Obviously, it needs to be tuck-pointed, and I may add in a lintel for added strength, and to shrink the opening slightly.

Old style weight and pulley system.

Window removed and rough opening cleaned.

Looking on-line and calling several window manufactures--both the big boys, Anderson, Pella, and Marvin, as well as several local folks, I came to realize that what we wanted to place into the space, a double-hung vinyl window with obscure glass, was going to take 14-21 days to deliver.  EEEK!  We needed something sooner...much sooner.

Ebay to the rescue!  And the price was right.  This would have been a custom order, with a 21 day lead time...

BRAND NEW Nice White VINYL Double-Hung OBSCURED Home House WINDOW 24x45

Energy Star rated with a 20yr warranty. 



  1. I think your window would fit the brick wall well. However, how do you plan to cover it up? It doesn’t look like a privacy glass from here. Am I mistaken? All the same, I think the window would look better bare. Maybe a treatment for the glass pane itself is what I would recommend instead of drapes and the sort. :) -->Tisa

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