Tuesday, January 17, 2012

finishing details plugging along

We are getting closer to completion--well the point of being able to get the plumbers and electricians back in to finalize their work.  The kitchen counter-top has been "templated." We expect an install date to be determined this week--probably the last week in Jan/Feb, if the counter people's estimates are correct.

This weekend saw us take to the window trim and continue to work on the bathroom tiling.  Both jobs are fidily as the walls and drywall are not nominal sizes or are they square/level/plumb.  We are doing the best to correct the flaws with measuring and fitting carefully.  It is slow-going as one could imagine.

As you might notice, the window wall (pictured left) is not plumb, sloping away as it goes up...

In order to keep the running tile pattern, we cut the vertical "baseboard" tiles as we went along.  This vertical pattern will be repeated on the other walls, even where we are not tiling, for a consistent look.

Marble accent tile.  We have enough of the sheets of marble tiles to run vertical in the back niche wall. 

Window trim treatment. There are 3 parts to this trim-out: the natural colored piece of oak trim is fitted onto the edge of the stool, and I made a 45 degree cut to finish the edge.  The apron (under the stool) is made from a piece of the casing turned the other way.

Anastasia's bedroom window--needs to be patched and sanded, then primed.  Still, not a bad first go at fixing the gaps. 

Another look at the pieces fit together.

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