Monday, June 6, 2011

chimney finished; cleaning of first floor has begun

B&P Chimney came back on Saturday am to finish the job: repair the holes, place the cap on the chimney, and cement the crown. all and all, a quick 1.5 hours work for three men.

Samir of B&P works to set the cap and finish the crown

Repair work to the second floor

Finished cap and crown

Then, on Sunday, the fun began--the cleaning and prep of the first floor began in earnest. We removed the drop ceiling in the back room off the kitchen--

Polly working overhead

The removal of the drop ceiling reviled a second (or first, depending on how you look at it) "drop ceiling." Made from interlocking 12" acoustical tiles, this type of ceiling was also present on the second floor, and it is in the front room of the first floor. It was probably installed some 30-40 years ago

The installation of it involved furring strips and tar-like adhesive. fortunately for us, most of the old work was removed when the 24" panel drop ceiling was installed. There were a couple of partial courses of the tile along the perimeter of the room only. But, the nails remained, and needed to be removed for drywall to go up.

Polly works on filling the nail holes left from the removal of the drop ceiling.  Note the furring strips on the ceiling--making it really easy to cover the ceiling with drywall. 

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