Monday, May 2, 2011

done deal.

We closed on Friday, as planned. No big dramas; two hours of signing away.

There was some confusion at the bank, however. there were multiple closings on that day, and like a funeral parlor, there were separate rooms all over the joint taking care of "clients." but unlike a funeral or wedding reception, there were no signs on the doors as to who was closing, our seller's attorney wound up in the wrong place, and was late to the closing as a result; and, we were interrupted twice by other parties looking for their closing...

all seem good with taking possession of the property. the tenant was properly served with a notice to vacate from the seller, all legal and official like. we will give them a couple of weeks to complete their apartment search--seems the seller only told them of the sale when the sign went up in the front yard...

We spent part of our weekend "gardening."

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