Sunday, March 27, 2011

back on the hunt...

Here is the house off Central Ave. in Gendale, NY.   As you can see from the snapshot of the MTA bus map. it is located in a "dead" zone for transit.  An express bus serves Manhattan on the weekdays only--AM into and PM out of Manhattan only...  Otherwise it is a mile or so to the nearest subway stop.

We and our agent, Jason are researching it now--pulling comps, looking at mortgage payments, locating amenities, and noodling over what to do.

This house is slightly smaller at 18'6" wide and 45'6" long, about 10' shorter than the one we did not get.  But, it is substantially less money--$130k less (listed).  It will still require a similar major reno job to get it where we would want it--just that we would be putting that $100k in this place, and be pretty assured of getting it back out when we sell.

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