Monday, February 7, 2011

home inspection feb 2, 2011

here in nyc, it has been a good-old-fashion winter.  lots of snow, below freezing temperatures, and messy conditions.  so, what should be different about the home inspection day?  below is the video from the event.  the camera movement is annoying at times, but i was going more for the sound than for the visuals in many cases.

all and all, the inspection was what we expected.

the voice in the beginning minute or so is the current owner talking over some renovations/improvements she made over the last seven years of ownership. i stuck some stills in over the video--

first floor bedroom
second floor kitchen
outside, back of house
outside, side of garage
second floor, front bedroom

for the remainder of the video i gave the transitions between rooms/floors on-screen subtitles.

home-inspection from christopher james on Vimeo

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